Huge Sigh of Relief

I finally bit the bullet and talked to my dad last night about moving, and he was very understand and supportive. Turns out a lot of the concerns I have about my current house, especially the amount of time and money required to renovate it, are things he was concerned about also. It’s great to have those feelings validated, because I feel like I can let go of my current house without guilt. I did a lot of work on it while I lived here, and accomplished a lot, looking back at the pictures. I had forgotten what the backyard looked like; there was no gravel; only dirt and grass. I forget that there was no backdoor, and crappy peeling paint, and the living room was terrible.

Our friend lisa’s plans for yardwork are really exciting to read, because unlike interior home improvement (which I tolerated) I LOVE working in the yard, and I’m very excited about it. At my current house, I always felt guilty about the amount of time I spent in the yard because there was so much work to do on the inside.

The new house has nice big flowerbeds in the front yard, (full sun!) and a long border bed down the south side of the house, (more full sun!) and a nice big backyard where we’re going to plant some raspberry bushes. I pulled out my gardenbooks, but there’s nothing in them about planting raspberries and how to amend the soil, etc. So I’m going to do some research online about that. Having full-sun beds will be really cool; perennials that grow better in sun are usually brighter colors, so they’re more visually arresting. This current house is mostly shaded by the neighboring houses, so I have lots of hostas.