Muncie, Indiana has an unusually large number of “Big Things” for a relatively small town. I went to Ball State University in Muncie, so I remembered a lot of these, and took a trip in February, 2001 to try to get them all photographed. It took me a while to find some of them, and in the process, I stumbled across a few I didn’t even remember from my college days.

Big Things I still need to Get In Muncie:

  • Giant Tin Man at a Junkyard/Car Parts Place – Valarie tells me he’s located at Kilgore Ave. at the corner at 1st St.
  • Flat Truck – on Centennial Ave near the train tracks
    The body of a truck where it was just the two side panels of the truck welded together; when you were driving up to it, it looked like a parked truck, but as you drove by, you realized it was skinny.
  • Statue of Larry Bird at Oasis Bar – I guess he’s a classic Muncie icon, but he’s in rough shape.

Big Jack of Jack Smith and Son RV Sales & Service

Big Jack is located off of I-69 at the 332 Exit to Muncie. He’s a brother to Mr. Bendo and qualifies as a true “Muffler Man” according to

Mr. Lumberjack of Timber’s Bar

Mr. Lumberjack used to be outside a lumberyard, but now he stands guard at Timbers Bar where Tillotson meets I-32 in Muncie.

Corey the Car Salesman of of Pam Reason Car Sales

Corey is located on 25th Street on Muncie just of of South Madison. He’s not an original “Muffler Man”, but he’s a big guy, and similar. He had just be installed at the Car lot when I visited. There are several guys in the style of Corey around central Indiana, including one in Connersville, Indiana.

Oldest McDonalds Sign

One of the oldest McDonalds signs in the country.

Giant Frog of Carpet and Tile Place

located on Granville road near to the carpet cleaning fargo place; this frog’s cute but looking a bit old.

Purple Hippo of Pet Center

located on east McGalliard near the mall.

Giant Indian Statue

Big Jesus Statue

It doesn’t look that big in this photo, but it is; it’s probably 12 feet tall.

Flying Uniform Delivery Van of Cintas Uniform Company

On South Madison street, this van is way up in the air, but the wheels turn as though it’s driving.

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