Inflated “Big Things” In Indianapolis

Inflatable "Big Things" are usually seasonal, or connected to a business advertising event, like a grand opening or large sale. Because of this, they pop-up and disappear pretty quickly, and I’ve learned to carry my camera everywhere to avoid missing them. They are some of my favorites, though, because they’re colorful and whimsical.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to get away with having one in my yard, but because I live in an historic district, I’d never get away with it. Let me know if you see a Big Thing that I should check out.
I recently broke the "Big Things In Indianapolis" into three categories — a page of permanent fixtures, this page specifically for Inflated Big Things, and a page of "Big Things" that have disappeared.

Giant Cake at IMAX Anniversary Celebration

In January of 2007, The IMAX theater celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary with a record-setting cake over 11 yards long – 10 yards for each year of it’s operation, and an extra yard to cheer the Colts on to victory in this year’s AFC Championship game. The cake was created by the Ivy Tech Culinary Arts School students, who decorated it to resemble IMAX filmstock, with images from some of the 73 films that IMAX has shown over the last 10 years. Ivy Tech adjunct faculty member Linda Shonk guided the students in creating the enormous cake, which was officially measured for the Guiness Record Books by Colts officials using football yard markers. I spoke to Linda prior to the measurement, and she said that they are sure the cake qualifies for a national record, and Guiness will review their submission for a possible world record as the longest cake.

Giant Inflated Michelin Man

In front of Sears at Castleton Mall. For perspective, I had my girlfriend stand next to him. He’s scary; he reminds me of the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters. It’s the happy expression on his face that’s so creepy.

Giant Shark at the new Sharks Seafood Restaurant near 54th Street and Keystone

I planned to go back and take pictures during the day, but didn’t get there in time. The shark is no longer there.

Giant Gorilla at Halloween Costume Shop on Franklin Road and Washington Street.

This guy was frustrating because everytime I went to take pictures during the day, he was deflated. He seemed to only be inflated at night. After halloween, he was gone.

Giant Tire at Ford Car Lot at 54th Street and Keystone

Giant tire. It was there for a short period of time for a special sale.

Giant Inflated Dinosaurs

at a fireworks store on East Washington Street.


Giant Inflated WNBA Basketball

at Conseco Field House. There’s also a giant NBA basketball, but I haven’t snapped a photo of it yet.

Giant Inflated Coffee Cups

A Dunkin’ Donuts one at 86th and Ditch, and a Starbucks coffee near 75th and Keystone.

Giant Inflated Cow

at the grand opening of Chick Filet on 86th and Clearwater Crossing.

Giant Inflated Dinosaur

at Halloween Shop on South Madison.

Giant Inflated Ghost

on 91st and Meridian. This is an advertisement for the Children’s Museum Haunted House and appears at this location before Halloween annually. It’s my favorite inflatable and I look for it every year.

Giant Inflated Gorilla "Tax Man"

at Larry Bird’s Car Sales Lot on south U.S. 31.

Giant Inflated Quaker Oil Bottles

in Speedway at the Indy 500. These are around every year, along with some giant beer cans that I haven’t managed to get photos of yet, due to traffic during the race.

Giant Inflated Rhino

at the Rhino Lining booth at the Indianapolis Home Show

Giant Inflated Screwdriver

at the Indianapolis Home Show

Giant Inflated Pumpkin

at a farmer’s market on North Keystone Street

Giant Inflated Turkey

at a car lot on 96th Street east of Keystone

Giant Inflated Santas

on 96th Street east of Keystone, and on 37 South near Bloomington

Giant Inflated Dragon

on Pendleton Pike at the opening of a Chinese restaurant.

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