I think I’m finally selling my house tomorrow

I haven’t mentioned this before, because I didn’t want to jinx it. But I think we’re finally going to get my house sold.

We have a closing scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow. My realtor let me know before my water aerobics class that that buyer’s lender sent the package to the title company. So everything should be in place for tomorrow. Thank goodness.
I know there are some people I haven’t told yet – notably, my mom – and I’m sorry about that. We’ve just gone back and forth on this so much that we really weren’t sure of anything until today.

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We have a house

We came to terms today with the seller of the house we want on the inspection terms. So, basically, we have a house. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

We should close at the end of May. Which means I need to get my house up for sale ASAP. After fixing up the issues with the help of experts from konnectbuilding.com.au/new-home-build.html, the house is finally ready.

Holy, shit. I have to sell my house. Oh my f&%$ing god! I will be cleaning and packing every evening for the rest of the month. So, anyone want to buy a house?If yes, you can also check my reference to buy this classy house.

My House For Sale

The house was built in 1894, and is in historic Herron-Morton Place neighborhood. I have done some historic research and have a list of names of previous tenants and owners all the way back to the original owner, Thomas J. Steele, who was the managing editor of the Indianapolis Journal in the early 1900’s. He was a friend of James Whitcomb Riley, who owned the house next door to mine.

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Huge Sigh of Relief

I finally bit the bullet and talked to my dad last night about moving, and he was very understand and supportive. Turns out a lot of the concerns I have about my current house, especially the amount of time and money required to renovate it, are things he was concerned about also. It’s great to have those feelings validated, because I feel like I can let go of my current house without guilt. I did a lot of work on it while I lived here, and accomplished a lot, looking back at the pictures. I had forgotten what the backyard looked like; there was no gravel; only dirt and grass. I forget that there was no backdoor, and crappy peeling paint, and the living room was terrible.

Our friend lisa’s plans for yardwork are really exciting to read, because unlike interior home improvement (which I tolerated) I LOVE working in the yard, and I’m very excited about it. At my current house, I always felt guilty about the amount of time I spent in the yard because there was so much work to do on the inside.

The new house has nice big flowerbeds in the front yard, (full sun!) and a long border bed down the south side of the house, (more full sun!) and a nice big backyard where we’re going to plant some raspberry bushes. I pulled out my gardenbooks, but there’s nothing in them about planting raspberries and how to amend the soil, etc. So I’m going to do some research online about that. Having full-sun beds will be really cool; perennials that grow better in sun are usually brighter colors, so they’re more visually arresting. This current house is mostly shaded by the neighboring houses, so I have lots of hostas.

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This makes me feel a lot better

$764,900 for a 827 sqft house in Cupertino

Um, yeah. This is why I live in Indy. The house we’re wanting is a 2,300 sq. ft house for… well, a lot less than that.

I’m not going to show off pictures of the house, or mention the address until we know we’re going to get the house, but here’s a picture out the upstairs window at the houses across the street.

across the street to the north

I can’t begin to describe how idyllic the neighborhood seems every time we’ve been there. There’s a serenity about it that is amazing, especially compared to both my street and Stephanie’s. We sat out on the porch of this house on Sunday for half an hour, listening to the birds.

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House Hunting

Sunday we looked at two houses. The first we’ve eliminated from the equation; it was a 802 N. Highland in Cottage Homes. I might throw up the pictures of it later, because we’ve ruled it out. It was a cute little cottage, but was too much work to update the interior.

The second house we saw was pretty amazing. It has pretty much everything we have on our needs list, and what’s on our “wants” list also. The drawbacks are:

  1. Looks like the roof and gutters need work
  2. The bedrooms are oddly configured and might be awkward for our living needs (the lots of clothes issue)
  3. It’s just outside our price range (although we’re pre-approved for it)
  4. Its only the third house we’ve seen
  5. We’d have to jump on it pretty quickly, because it’s desirable, so it would be a sudden move.

Our realtor is nervous about the house because it’s unusual for someone to settle on a house this quickly — and I freely admit I fall in love with houses way too easily. So we’re looking at more stuff.

But there are some things about this house that really make my heart sing:

  1. it’s in a quiet, low crime downtown neighborhood I really want to live in. (Most else we’ve pulled up on Mibor is in Irvington. Which is cool — but you can’t get to Irvington from anywhere.)
  2. The laundry room is upstairs on the second floor, near the bedrooms (sheer decadent heaven!)
  3. The yard is nice and large for dogs to run around in.
  4. It’s Victorian, and looks it inside.
  5. The front porch is huge!
  6. Oh, yeah, this is funny: It has a murphy bed

I know I shouldn’t be attached to this house, and that we should look at more.

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house hunting ideas

Some notes we’re making about hunting for a new house, that will help us narrow down our search and also help our realtor (yes we have a great realtor) find properties to suggest to us.

Things about us
we have lots of clothes
we have lots of books
we have 1 dog & 4 cats
we have 3 cars
we recycle everything (and need to store recycling)
we both need office space
we both have craft projects/board games (table space separate from dining)
we like interesting architecture
we like having friends visit, and occasionally having parties

3 or 4 bedrooms – (space for offices, guests, craft room)
at least 1 and 1/2 bathrooms (ours and room for guests)
shower – bigger than a stall
8’6″ ceilings – for bookcases
2 car garage or better
fenced in backyard for Spike (or ability to easily fence in)
kitchen with lots of storage and easy to cook in
good mechanicals
neighborhood we can walk around in and enjoy
reasonable commute to work for both of us
outdoor living space – front porch or patio area where we can entertain, and yard where we can garden/grow raspberries
little to no renovation or improvements necessary
quiet street without lots of traffic & noise
lots of light – large windows, southern exposure
interior house style that’s artistic and interesting
ability to have friends park nearby when they come to visit

walk-in closets and lots of room for clothes
pantry area for food storage and to hide recycling collection
wood floors!!
recent updates to plumbing, heating, AC
space to display VW collectibles
ability to install solar panels someday
medium-sized yard (decent distance from neighbors)
exterior house style that’s artistic and interesting
attached garage
paved driveway
Herron-Morton neighborhood/downtown neighborhood
Broad Ripple/Monon area?? Meridian-Kessler? Butler-Tarkington? Rocky Ripple?

enviro-friendly house (heating, efficient appliances, solar panels)
gazebo (with Rolf)
room for kitty jungle gym

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