The Saga Continues…

We went back to look at the house yesterday, with a roofing inspector in tow, along with some friends. The full inspection will be on Wednesday, but we wanted a roofing guy in particular because we knew the roof was a problem. You can look into the site / to contact the best contractors for repairing, replacing, and cleaning your roof.
Unfortunately, it needs a new roof. You can also consider installing MasterRoof Solar Panels which will help you to save your energy costs along with choosing a much clean energy solution.We pretty much knew that, but for some reason having it confirmed is kinda depressing. We’ll have to negotiate the new roof with the current owner, and that’s always a dicey proposition. But the reality is that if they aren’t willing to pay for it, we may have to walk away from the house, which would really blow, because it really seems to fit us. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.
In the meantime, we’re getting ready to drive to my cousin’s wedding, and I have nothing planned for the drive, nothing packed, my car needs an oil change, I need my hair cut… lots to do, and no time to do it. I woke up at 3 last night with a massive headache and I’ve been awake ever since trying to get it to go away.

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  1. Melody

    Before you walk away, you should look into how much a new roof is going to cost. Is it a complete tear-off, or can you add another layer of roofing? Did your inspector get into the attic to look at the condition of the deck? If it’s a complete tear off, AND you need a new deck, then you’re talking at least 10K, and that’s probably not worth it. If you can just add another layer of shingles, you’re probably talking 5K or less. Maybe you can get the seller to split the cost with you.

  2. Vanessa

    I’m assuming from your post that you believe that the home’s purchase price doesn’t already reflect a discount for the roof replacement. Hopefully, the seller agrees, or at least has a reasonable agent who can convince the seller to make an allowance. People do crazy things when they’re buying and selling houses, so it’s hard to say how the seller will react. (Plus, it’s early enough in the season that the seller and his agent might be willing to wait for another buyer.)

  3. Steph Mineart

    We’re going to get a written estimate for the work from a roofer, but from what we learned yesterday, it’s probably going to be in the 10K range, because it requires a total tear-off, gutter and wood repairs, etc.
    We’re not going to walk away without some negotiation with the seller about the roofing costs first.
    No, the agreed-upon price didn’t include the roof replacement; the seller indicated that they were willing to discuss paying for the roof costs outside of the price before we made the offer, or we would have written it differently.
    The house has been on the market for 16 months, and the price has dropped numerous times since then. There was a previous accepted offer, but the buyer walked away after the inspection, which indicates to us that the roof issue was a problem. We wrote our offer with that in mind, though.

  4. lisa

    i really hope this house works out for you guys. and that you have a good time at the wedding 🙂

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