Gay Cardinal Couples for all of your Christmas needs

Saw this picture shared on Tumblr in the middle of the night (because what else would I be doing at 3 a.m.?) with the caption “at least we queers have some representation for Christmas, if inadvertent.” Of course I had to track this holiday item down. And buy it. And also locate all the other gay cardinal couples for sale.

Animated Gay Cardinal Couple Christmas Decor
Animated Gay Cardinal Couple Christmas Decor

I started hunting on Amazon and discovered that many (if not most) cardinal loving pairs have two boys, not a boy and a girl. Like the Cardinals and Christmas Holly Snow Water Globe

And also “Cardinals on Branch Decorative Night Light

Also: “Red Cardinal Snow Globes with Music Lighted Water Globe Winter for Home Chapel Christmas Holiday Decorations

Also this “Solar Powered Hand-Painted Cardinals Orb Light” which I’m kind of thinking I also need to own because I have no idea what it’s for.

Then there’s this “Christmas Snow Globes Lantern with Music” which not only lights up but probably is playing the worst Christmas music on repeat

Flameless Candles, Cardinal Theme, (Set of 3). Flameless? I don’t think so.

Old World Christmas Pair Bird Watcher Collection Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree, Northern Cardinal

Oh, look, a pair of heterosexual cardinals. You don’t see many of those around. Cardinal Pair Wireworks Garden Chime

Okay I guess there are a couple of those kind. Resin Cardinal Pair on Tree Branch Figurine

Another Christmas Snow Globes Lantern with Music. I especially love the musical notes emanating from it.

Maybe polyamorous gay cardinals are your scene. Here to help. (Popular at the Vatican?)

Swingers? (Cardinal Figurines Christmas Red Bird Decorations)

Cardinal couples with birch trees are a theme. Handmade Ornament with Cardinals

Not a couple, but a flag of Mama Kitty with a bird she would totally eat, which is hilarious. Winter Cat Garden Flag

“We are not friends.”

Gay cardinals with bells.

If you want to personalize your gay cardinals, you can. (Someone should talk to Jackson and Emily, though.)

The third cardinal in this throuple might have some complaints. (Acrylic Ornament Engaged Custom Couple’s Name Cardinal is Personalized)

Did I post this one already? I’ve lost track. (Decorative Christmas Lantern with Cardinal and Branch)

Of course you need gay cardinal greeting cards. You are getting these cards from us in the mail.

Some more ornaments for your gay cardinal tree.

Finally found the item from the original photo over on Walmart. Totally bought this.

Animated Gay Cardinal Couple Christmas Decor
Animated Gay Cardinal Couple Christmas Decor

I’ve now made certain I will never see anything but gay cardinal advertisements in my social media timeline. (and so will you, probably.)

Doing some Christmas baking? Do it with your gay cardinal friends.

Serving a meal?

When you and your gay friends go caroling

I don’t know what a ‘diamond painting kit‘ is but it’s representation, at least.

Here’s another Christmas card celebrating gay couple families.

Here’s that music snow globe lantern in red

Festive v-neck Gay Cardinals top you can wear. With Sequin accents!

Hoodie with two gay couples.

Nice romantic gift for your gay boyfriend.

I keep expecting to run out of examples, but here we are.

Cardinal Faith Love Hope Hanging Tree Ornament

At the gay bar – lots of boy cardinals, not a girl in sight.

Maybe you want to send different Christmas cards than I just bought

There’s a distinct lack of lesbian bird representation in holiday decor, though. Maybe I can fix that.

Female Cardinal Pair
Female Cardinal Pair
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We need a little christmas

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Mame (1966 Original Broadway Cast)
Haul out the holly;
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again.
Fill up the stocking,
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now.
For we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.
Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.
It hasn’t snowed a single flurry,
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry;
So climb down the chimney;
Put up the brightest string of lights I’ve ever seen.
Slice up the fruitcake;
It’s time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bough.
For I’ve grown a little leaner,
Grown a little colder,
Grown a little sadder,
Grown a little older,

And I need a little angel
Sitting on my shoulder,
Need a little Christmas now.

Haul out the holly;
Well, once I taught you all to live each living day.

Fill up the stocking,

Young Patrick:
But Auntie Mame, it’s one week from Thanksgiving Day now.

But we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute,
Candles in the window,
Carols at the spinet.
Yes, we need a little Christmas
Right this very minute.

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry,
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry;

So climb down the chimney;
Put up the brightest string of lights I’ve ever seen.

Slice up the fruitcake;
It’s time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bough.
For we need a little music,
Need a little laughter,
Need a little singing
Ringing through the rafter,
And we need a little snappy
“Happy ever after,”
Need a little Christmas now.
Need a little Christmas now.

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Merry Christmas 2008!

Christmas GiftI’ll be taking a few days off from hanging out on the internet in order to spend time with family and friends. Here are several Christmas hits from years past for your holiday enjoyment:

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How Santa Wishes He Could Answer Letters
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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Internet Version
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A Few Holiday Favorites With A Gay Twist
Does Santa Exist? A Scientific Inquiry
The Three Wise Firefighters
Scandal in Heaven!

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Xmas Busy Busy Busy

Christmas Garland

Last night I did some major decorating of the front porch – we have garlands around all the porch posts with big red bows on them, and giant red bells hanging. Stephanie gave me candle lights for the windows for Xmas last year — they’re cool because they’re wireless and come on automagically, so you don’t have to find outlets for them, and you don’t have to run all over the house turning them on. Fun.

Now I just need to string lights. It’s the first time I’ve really done that around the porch; before now we didn’t have an outlet, and I’ve not had a good porch in previous houses. Once I get it worked out this year, though, it will go quickly in future holiday seasons.

I also managed to do a tiny bit of raking in the front yard last night. We’re pretty far behind on that task this year. It’s pretty embarrassing since the leaves came down much earlier than in years past, and because neighbors have been done for awhile. We seem to always be the shabbiest house on the block.

I packed a couple of boxes of discard books in the car this morning to take to the used bookstore. So progress is occurring…

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Christmas lawn decor

There are a couple of photos I’d like to take this year that I’ve missed in past holiday seasons. The first is of a nativity scene at a church somewhere on the north side of Indianapolis. I’ve driven past several years in a row, and noted that the way the scene is set, the three wise men are leading their camels towards the stable… from the west. That really shouldn’t bother me – it’s all fiction anyway – but it does. I guess if you’re going to take your happy god book literally, you should pay attention to detail.

The second photo I want to capture is another nativity scene. This one is located somewhere on the path between my dad’s old house and his country club where we used to go to Sunday Christmas brunch. One of the houses has a cute little stable scene in their front yard. But they seem to be lacking a manger, because baby Jesus is nestled in all snuggly… in the bird bath. You know – no bed, substitute manger. No manger? Substitute bird bath. It works.

Here’s a picture I took of a rather gaudily decorated lawn on Rangeline Road, south of 96th Street. I had to splice together three pictures to get it all in.

Like Santa Barfed on Their Lawn
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All Wrapped Up…

And just ready to have ribbons and bows put on before they go under the tree.
Presents for my girlfriend
But these are just the presents for Stephanie. I still have to wrap the presents for other people. But we’ll work on that together tomorrow.
It’s funny, when I was writing out the tags for the presents, I had to think twice every time, because it’s strange to write my own name for someone else, and I was afraid I’d label the present to me from her. We go by Stephanie and Steph, so people can sort it out in their heads, but we hardly ever actually use our names when talking to each other. We call each other “honey” all the time. Unless I’m writing about her here on the blog, or I’m trying to get her attention in a store, when I’ll use her name. And when we’re talking to my pets, I call myself “mommy” and her “other mommy”, and she does the same except when we talk to Lucy, when she’s “mommy” and I’m “other mommy.” So we don’t actually use different names, ever, but we don’t use our actual names with each other. We are weird people. But it seems to work.

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we’ve been going non-stop

And I haven’t had a free moment to blog. Or perhaps I have, but I spent it trying to unwind instead. We’ve been to parties galore, but I haven’t got the pictures off my camera yet.

On Saturday morning we went to my company’s warehouse book sale and walked away with 91 books for about 40 bucks. Yeah, like I needed that. But I have a plan for streamlining my books in the coming months, and reading and then disposing off lots of books to free up space on my shelves.

Saturday night we went to Jennifer’s annual Christmas party, complete with pink flocked tree. And Sunday we went to Christmas at my Dad’s. I got new truck tires for Christmas! Yay!

Stephanie went to a Christmas party for our neighborhood association’s board last night, because she’s the treasurer now. Dunno if I blogged that or not. I stayed home because I was too tired to go, and read a bit instead.

Oh, and we canceled our HBO from cable (I haven’t watched anything on it in months anyway) and we signed up for Netflix instead. I watched the first disc of season 3 of Seinfeld and sent it back already. I’m really enjoying picking out movies – I added pretty much everything on my Movies I Need to Watch list.

span class=”hilightyellow”>2019 update: Yeah, we have never managed to streamline books for any length of time, or to free up space on shelves. We regularly purge, but books seem to magically appear.

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We Have Achieved Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!I’m very excited – we have our tree up, and a few other decorations out. We still have to put ornaments on the tree, but that’s the really fun part. Other times, when we want to trim the branches, we consider Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. and get their services. We can put Christmas music on and bebop around the house, although we’ll do that Thursday night, because Stephanie’s teaching skating tonight. I think tonight I might try to concentrate on taking our donations to IYG for their wishlist, or hanging the coat bar in the dining room closet.

Merry Christmas!And we have a big chunk of organizing done, too – enough that we can have people over without our remaining moving chaos being a featured display in the house. It’s wonderful; my undiagnosed OCD thing is no longer screaming at me. And for the remaining stuff we have to organize, there’s a decent process in place for sorting through it all, so for our post-Christmas free time we can do some fun stuff, like selling things on ebay. Happy happy, joy joy.

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