Middle of the Night Guest: Our Roofer

As Stephanie noted on her blog – we got to have our roofer come over and visit our bedroom in the middle of the night last night. His team removed some of the gutters that they’re rebuilding from the front of the house above our room and the guest room, and water was pouring in and down the walls last night, enough to wake us and keep us awake.

We ended up calling the roofer, who came over in the middle of the night to fix the leak, but not before the wallpaper in the bedroom had completely come loose from the walls in one corner. This was one of those lovely “former lodgers painted over the wallpaper” jobs, but the color was pretty decent, so we had intended to leave it. Guess now we’re stripping the wallpaper and painting the bedroom. Fantastic. Or I could just be really grumpy from not enough sleep. If you find me dozing in the corner of my cube, don’t pick on me.

On the bright side, we did finish up our Christmas cards and got them popped in the mail finally.

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