Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino: 2007 Route 66 caravan to Roswell

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As you may know, Stephanie like to drive her New Beetle to Roswell, New Mexico in the summertime for a large New Beetle car show called Roswell2K. It’s been going on since 2000, and Stephanie usually joins a caravan of cars from the east coast to attend the show, and they drive together.
Roswell Museum
Stephanie’s friend Lisa has even rigged up a live webcam of the caravan in transit, which is pretty effing awsome to say the least. The last couple of years, though, Stephanie hasn’t been able to go (Shhhh, don’t tell that to Phoebe. She can’t tell time and thinks she’s been every year) due to our surgeries and to moving.
Next year, they’re having a Route 66 caravan. It’ll start in Chicago and follow old Route 66 to New Mexico, where it will break off and go to Roswell for the event. Then it will finish up the last leg of Route 66 and head home, I believe. We’re hoping, if all goes well, to join in next year.
U Drop Inn Cafe
I’m really excited by the idea. I got to drive part of Route 66 when I helped my friends move to Arizona 9 years ago, but we didn’t have much time to stop and gander at Roadside Attractions because we were driving a big, frickin’ uncooperative moving van. On this trip, they’re apparently building in some time to see sites, which should be fun.

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