Route 66: Did I say 5 other beetles? I meant 12

We finally pulled into the motel at 11 Chicago time, and saw a huge row of beetles lined up; very fun. Too dark to take photos.

Spacepod and Phoebe

Traffic in Chicago sucked hard, but we managed to get into town, finally. We parked in a scary-ass parking garage with the steepest ramps I’ve ever seen, and went to the Summerfest in Lincoln Park. It wasn’t terribly impressive; just a bunch of junk booths selling knock off purses and clothes, a way-too-loud lame band, and the thing we came for – about 6 Smart ForTwos, which we got to test drive.

Stephanie Test Driving Smart Car

The we walked down Clark street and ate dinner, then headed out to Joliet to meet everyone else.

At some point, my cell got confused and started sending all my twitter messages through chat, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on on my end; very strange. Hence the strange twitters.

Way past my bedtime.

Day 1 Photos:

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