Back home again in Indiana

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We spent the last couple of days in Toronto doing some low-key stuff. I was pretty tired after doing so much walking around every day all day. We did do some shopping in the Church-Wellsley area (the gayborhood) and we took the subway to Canadian Tire and such.

Stephanie loves the subway, but I really enjoyed the electric streetcar system – AKA the “Red Rocket.” (The Subway is known as “The Rocket.”) Put in place in 1920 – the streetcar system has been operating throughout Toronto’s downtown continuously since then.

Unlike many major cities including Indianapolis, Toronto didn’t abandon their electric streetcar system. They note that many of the cities that took them out at one time have put them back in recently to enhance their public transportation systems. (Good idea!)

Our honeymoon day 8 Our honeymoon day 8 The Time is 12:40 p.m. Our honeymoon day 8 Our honeymoon day 8 Moose meets Dog

So we made it home and spent yesterday hanging out with our pets, who were very happy to have us back. Yay!

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