SXSW Friday

The plane trip wasn’t bad, aside from the fact that I forgot gum on the first leg and thus had a headache from my ears popping, and I managed to spill Starbucks on myself because the cup lid was borked. Nice.
We got in around lunch, checked into the hotel, went to the Irowworks BBQ (highly recommended – definitely eat there), and then got in the long, long line to register.
Ironworks BBQ
Internet celebrities we saw in line – Ernie Hsuing from little.yellow.different, and Garrett Dimon. In all, one of the largest collections of geeks and nerds I’ve ever seen congregated in one spot. And not coincidentally, one of the largest collections of snarky, funny t-shirts, too. I feel right at home.
More geeks, more lines.
After registering, we had a free beer in the beer tent, and spotted Shaun Inman, and Andy Budd hanging out there.
After registering we met up with our co-workers from New Jersey and went to dinner at Sullivan’s. There weren’t too many parties on the schedule last night, so we called it a night pretty early. We have a full plate today…
Panels I’m interested in:
10:00AM A Decade of Style (19AB)
10:00AM Better than 1,000 Words: Video on the Web (12AB)
11:30AM After the Brief: A Field Guide to Design Inspiration (18ABCD)
02:00PM Kathy Sierra Opening Remarks (18ABCD)
03:30PM Grids Are Good and How to Design with Them (18ABCD)
04:05PM Beautiful Algorithms: Design from Nature and Mathematics (10AB)
05:00PM High Class and Low Class Web Design (18ABCD)
05:00PM Mapping: Where the F#*% Are We Now? (Ballroom F)
And parties that caught my eye:
frog design SXSW Opening Party
AMODA Digital Showcase
BuzzFeed + Ze Frank + Juiceboxxx SXSW Party

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