Our Bedroom is Half Painted – A Contractor Review

Yep, we’ve had a fun day around Casa De Stephs. Our roofing contractor’s employees threw a fit and left, leaving our bedroom half-painted. Why is it not professional painters in philadelphia but our roofer painting our bedroom? It’s a long story. Read Full Report to know about who is the best one for this job. But don’t worry, there are pictures. You can also take professional help from a reliable roofing service like Roofing World. To see more about Roofing World, you check here.

Remember back in October, when I wrote about the Worst. Roofers. Ever. ? Because we had hired the guys to do several jobs in June, and he was taking months to complete the replacement of our gutters?

Our leaky roof

And remember back in December when I complained that our roofer had to come over in the middle of the night because the gutters they still hadn’t finished replacing allowed water to pour down the walls?

Our leaky roof

Well, the contractor actually just finished up the gutters second week of March. We ended up hiring someone else to do the work on the balcony because we had so much water in our kitchen:

Pan to catch water

The contractor’s name and information, just so you don’t make the mistake of hiring him:

Richard Smith
American Pride Contractors
(317) 898-1948
(317) 507-5226

Well, Richard offered to strip the wallpaper off the walls in our bedroom and repaint because of the water damage he caused – for free. Now, his explanation of why he offered to do this is because he was concerned about his reputation. But I think he realized that we had a pretty good small claims court case against him (and still do, actually) and he hoped to avoid making us angry enough to pursue it.

So Stephanie took off work yesterday to babysit Richard’s crew while they started the painting. They got the wallpaper stripped off and the walls spackled, and they were supposed to finish up today.

Today, the guys didn’t show up until 11:30. And they worked until 1:00, and took a lunch break. Then they came back at 2:30, and worked until 3:00, when they started making noise that they wanted to leave. We mentioned that we had other plans for tomorrow (they had assured us repeatedly that it would only take 2 days, so that’s what we planned for.) So they got on the phone to Richard, had a big argument with him when he told them to stay until the job was done, and they took their tools and left around 4:15. I think they may have actually done a couple hours of work.

Our half-painted room.

When I called Richard, his wife Tanya answered, and she accused us of delaying the work by asking the crew to do more painting than they had originally agreed to do. Of course, that wasn’t true; we didn’t give they guys any direction at all about what to paint, and it was clear she was trying to put the whole thing off on us so they could rationalize not getting done what they said they would do.

So, I’m sleeping on the couch tonight, Stephanie’s sleeping in the loft, and we’re going to spend the next few days trying to finish up the bedroom. I think we’ll be pitching his tools out onto the front porch and telling him to come and get them.

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  1. Tami

    WOW, I thought the problem was just with “Northern Michigan Contractors!” We too, have had troubles with those lazy, show up at 10, lunch at 12, leave at 3, throw your cigarette butts in my grass, trample all my hostas, throw all the roofing nails in the yard, burp and fart in my bedroom window in the morning-then brag about what a “good one” it was, while nasty cigarette smoke wafts in through the screen-then get pissed at me for saying something-“wanna be” self employed, egotistical pig contractors. *!??!!?##?#* And, you know, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the cost of the job. I guess it’s the mind set of those kind of guys. We paid 10k for siding contracted through Lowe’s and still had a hard time (of course they contracted in my local area). What killed me on this job, is that it took them almost 4 months to complete it and my 1 year warranty on the job itself- i.e. the siding actually staying on in a wind storm, started on day one! How can they warranty something that does not yet exist? I went round and round with that one and got nowhere. Oh, Steph, I could go on and on about this topic, it just burns my ass! I have started to take on many of the jobs myself, I just don’t have a lot of time. Good Luck! Tami

  2. Max Lamboy

    There are little if any protections for the consumer; most are criminals, some are well intentioned and too many are simply not as good as they think, or say.

    I’m in NYC, a capital of creep, lying contractors. Since we pay by the week per our agreement they show up; I even offered a get it done on time incentive. But still I can’t count the times I’ve heard “oh thats not included!” “thats messed up because…blah blah” they simply don’t/can’t think past the hammer their holding. i.e.

    My refrigerator no longer fits where it did before after they built a closet next to it. My new expensive bath room door doesn’t open all the way they mis-measured and now want to cut the $$$ door. Too many of my expensive new doors and been marred by being place flat on the ground without protection from the subfloor nails. Used one of my new kitchen doors as a table to work on doors I stained black; leaving black stains and a 7″ scar from dragging a corner of the door across the supporting door. This goes on-and-on, Gary of Liang construction says, “what can I do” I give you the best price”

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