Christmas Decora… er, Organizing

We’re having people over to watch Christmas specials on Saturday, so Stephanie and I spent the whole weekend trying to get the house ready. We didn’t get around to starting the Christmas decor yet; we spent hours making a significant dent in the boxes we still haven’t unpacked and sorted out after the move. I’d say we sorted through about 2/3rds of it, including getting all the office supplies sorted out, separating much of the craft projects and storing them, and making a significant dent in the piles of paperwork and files. We also got the office/spare bedroom in excellent shape, and we pretty much know what’s in the boxes that are left.
Tonight we’re going to square the rest of that away so we can concentrate on cleaning, recycling and decorating. We both have vacation days on Friday, so we think we can get everything done in time. I hope. If not, those of you coming over – well, don’t peek in the closets.

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