Labor Day Weekend Update

I had a hugely productive labor day weekend. I constructed my floor-to-ceiling bookcases and unpacked and organized all my books, which has had a profound effect on my psyche. I can read again! I feel so less… constrained. I also feel really rich — I have so many good books I can read, and I don’t have to buy them, because I already own them.
I also finished stripping and sanding the window in my entry way, stained it, and put on the first coat of polyurethane. The second coat goes on tonight. I cleaned the entire downstairs and organized lots of stuff. I did a bit of paint stripping on one of my small bookcases that was painted green. I think I’ll put it away until I finish two other projects, though. Sanding the floor in the living room, and removing the extra water pipes in the kitchen.
Oh, yes, I also put up the section of picket fence in the front to close off the extra entry to my property. This is the entry/walkway that I never use but my neighbors do to cut across the corner of my property when walking between the houses. I think they were a bit pissed off about it, because I was outside and none of them said hi to me all weekend. 😛 That makes me so happy.

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