White Elephant Gift Exchange at Buca Di Beppo’s

Dinner at Buca’s wasn’t the raucous blow-out that it was in years past, but it was still great fun. I got a t-shirt with Geupel’s picture on it. Maybe I can use it to pick up chicks with Westies, like in the commercial. 🙂 Now if I can just get a house, I’ll have the shirt and the house to entice women with.

In other news, I got cable modem, and it ROCKS! It ROCKS HARD! You could call me up right now, as we speak, and we could talk on the phone, while I write in my journal. I’m buying an answering machine and cancelling my voice mail later, as well as telling the friggin’ people at iquest to shove the poorly-serviced account I had for so many years. So if you still e-mail me at the old address (batgirl) it’s going to be gone, baby! Plus I now have a super-secret e-mail account that I’m not giving to anyone. No sir.

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