A Cat Named Dru

I have completely failed to mention that I have a brand-new cat courtesy of my girlfriend Kathy. Well, she’s new to me, really, but I think she’s a year old or so. I have named her Drusilla, who was Spike’s girlfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Apparently Drusilla is also from the Bible. Who knew?
I will post photos of the new resident, as soon as I can take some. Right now, she’s hiding under my bed. She came out about 4 a.m. this morning to use the litter box, and then around 5:30 a.m., she came out and was playing with the kitty gymnasium I bought her. But when I moved and she realized I was there, she dove back under the bed. She’s dark grey all over with green eyes, and is very pretty, although obviously quite shy. She isn’t ferocious, though, like Idgie was, so she won’t terrorize house guests.

Dru, hiding under the bed.

Photo Set: My Pets.
Indy Feral
Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership
Southside Animal Shelter

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Viva Las Vegas!

Wow. So that was Las Vegas. Wow. And I didn’t lose much money. Cool. This was a great trip! I didn’t think I’d care for Vegas because it’s so artificial, but I LOVED it.

Mandalay Bay


We went for a friend’s wedding and stayed at Circus Circus. I went with Dan and Douglas, and we spent most of one day visiting many of the casinos on the strip; we started at the south end at Mandalay Bay and had a drink and played some slots and took photos at various casinos as we headed back north.

Viva Las Vegas!

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White Elephant Gift Exchange at Buca Di Beppo’s

Dinner at Buca’s wasn’t the raucous blow-out that it was in years past, but it was still great fun. I got a t-shirt with Geupel’s picture on it. Maybe I can use it to pick up chicks with Westies, like in the commercial. 🙂 Now if I can just get a house, I’ll have the shirt and the house to entice women with.

In other news, I got cable modem, and it ROCKS! It ROCKS HARD! You could call me up right now, as we speak, and we could talk on the phone, while I write in my journal. I’m buying an answering machine and cancelling my voice mail later, as well as telling the friggin’ people at iquest to shove the poorly-serviced account I had for so many years. So if you still e-mail me at the old address (batgirl) it’s going to be gone, baby! Plus I now have a super-secret e-mail account that I’m not giving to anyone. No sir.

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The Sims

So tonight I get to see another house– maybe the one I’ll buy. Cool! Also, Cate’s in town and she’s coming over to see it with me, then we’re going out to eat.

This would be the house at the north end of New Jersey St. in Herron-Morton Place.

I bought The Sims this past week, and I’m very addicted. I have a whole little neighborhood built to manipulate… fun fun fun! This really takes the stress off looking for a house.
(2010 Note: This would be the Sims 2. When they came out with 3, the aging time limits made it no fun anymore. To much anxiety trying to get ahead before my characters got old. Too much like real life.)

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first offer

So, I put an offer on my house yesterday, and I wrote the earnest money check today. I am so scared. If all goes well, closing will be November 5th. This is going to be the longest month of my entire life.

This was the house I was attempting to buy:

UPDATE: Ultimately, it was bought out from under me by the owner of Talbott Street nightclub, who realized that anyone living there was going to object to the noise and traffic from the nightclub he was about to open, so he bought it as a pre-emptive strike. Good idea; I would have been really pissed off had I been right next door.

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emotional roller coaster

This week has been a roller coaster, that’s for certain. It sucks that the week I started to looking for a house to buy (what, I didn’t mention that before?) all of this happened, so I’ve gone from feelings about the WTC (anger, grief, passion) to feelings about taking such a big personal leap (nausea, fear, elation, daydreaming).

This is the first house I looked at – on September 11th, 2001.

And this is a house I looked at on the 18th and 19th of September.

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Busy Weekends

I like busy weekends where I don’t have to much stuff I’m obligated to do, but lots of stuff I can do. I went out to see Crackhead Patty Friday night at Utopia. Probably an experience I won’t repeat. Then Saturday I stained my end table, went shopping with Dan and Doug, and went to David and Garrett’s wedding. Sunday I stained my end table again, then went to Dan and Doug’s house to help move (but I was probably in the way more than I was helpful). I’m so excited that they are going to live right near me. Cool. They’re officially living in the house now. Then I went to the Le Tigre concert at Festivilla. There were lots of cute women there. Lots. Cute.

David and Garrett's Wedding
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Grandparents 60th Anniversary

I spent the weekend in Iowa at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was really wonderful (except for the sermon during church in which I was duly informed that I’m decadent and thus going to hell. It’s always exciting to hear you’re going to suffer fire and brimstone. Woo hoo!) But it was fantastic to see my grandparents, and we got to celebrate my brother Todd’s wedding as well. (Todd and Denise got married on the 14th.)

Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Todd & Denise’s Wedding

So my car is down for the count… the transmission needs work and I took it to AAMCO on Friday. Stay tuned for a review of AAMCO’s customer service. Right now; not very good. They had the car Friday, did nothing too it Friday afternoon, or at all on Saturday or Monday morning. They just started tearing it apart yesterday afternoon, and the time he keeps telling me for when they’ll give me an estimate keeps getting pushed back. I keep calling for updates, and he keeps sounding pissed off that I’m calling.

I’ve been hopping the bus, which isn’t half bad. Except for yesterday morning, I hopped the *wrong* bus and ended up at the Keystone Mall rather than at work. And rather than just following my blonde instincts and shopping, I called someone to give me a ride. Other than that, though, the bus is pretty fun.

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