Party Arrival Times

My favorite quote from the comments on this discussion about what is the optimal time to arrive at a party:

This only works if all guests judge by the same criteria. They do not. In many circles, late arrivers are seen as lazy, irreponsible, disorganized, rude, or to posers or strivers who try to cram as many parties as possible into a single evening.

Hee. I usually try to arrive as early as I can, but not so early that I’m in the hosts’ way while they prepare. If I know the host well, I’ll ask if they need prep help and show up when they need it, so they can have everything ready and be able to have fun and socialize at their own event instead of having to worry constantly about running it.

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The Democratic Agenda

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Hat tip to Catholic Democrats for pointing this out…
Next time you hear someone say the Democrats don’t have a plan of their own for running the country, say “pshaw” and point them at this website: It’s all there in black and white — a real agenda for creating change, and not just a criticism of what the retards are doing wrong. Of course the mainstream media will never acknowledge that it exists; they keep claiming it doesn’t and ignoring the agenda when it gets shoved in their face. Undermine them by passing this along.

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White Elephant Gift Exchange at Buca Di Beppo’s

Dinner at Buca’s wasn’t the raucous blow-out that it was in years past, but it was still great fun. I got a t-shirt with Geupel’s picture on it. Maybe I can use it to pick up chicks with Westies, like in the commercial. 🙂 Now if I can just get a house, I’ll have the shirt and the house to entice women with.

In other news, I got cable modem, and it ROCKS! It ROCKS HARD! You could call me up right now, as we speak, and we could talk on the phone, while I write in my journal. I’m buying an answering machine and cancelling my voice mail later, as well as telling the friggin’ people at iquest to shove the poorly-serviced account I had for so many years. So if you still e-mail me at the old address (batgirl) it’s going to be gone, baby! Plus I now have a super-secret e-mail account that I’m not giving to anyone. No sir.

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