Heart Update

I got a call from the nurse… my cholesterol is down from last time I had it checked. It’s 181, which is considered normal. All my other bloodwork is good, too, including my potassium and calcium levels, so the doctor is quite happy with that, and I need to keep eating healthy and not let anything get worse.
181 – total cholesterol (optimal: below 200)
133 – triglicerides (optimal: below 150)
110 – LDL (optimal: below 100, Near Optimal: 100-129)
44 – HDL (average: between 50-60)
So I still need to lower my LDL and raise my HDL cholesterol a little bit.
The echocardigram shows my pulmonary valve stenosis is now considered moderate, which is worse than before. The mitral valve prolapse is apparently the same. So I need to go see a cardiologist. They’re setting up an appointment for me at Methodist downtown. I’m not sure if that means anything at all, or if it’s any sort of problem. I guess I’ll find out from the cardiologist when I talk to them.

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