Etiquette Tips For The Gay Male Wedding

1. On the day of a gay wedding, it’s bad luck for the two grooms to see each other at the gym.

2. Superstition suggests that for good luck the couple should have something bold, something flirty, something trashy, something dirty.

3. It’s customary at gay and lesbian nuptials for the parents to have an open bar during the ceremony.

4. Gay wedding tradition dictates that both grooms refrain from eating wedding cake because it’s all carbs.

5. It’s considered bad luck for either of the grooms to have dated the priest.

6. During the first dance, it’s considered unlucky to use glow sticks, flags, whistles or handheld lasers.

7. For good luck at the union of a drag queen, the bouquet is always thrown in the face of a hated rival.

8. The father of the Bottom pays for everything!

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  1. Jonathan

    Loves it!

  2. Matt B.

    That’s fucking hilarious! Where did you find it? Or did you make it up? I love it, especially number 7.

  3. Steph Mineart

    I didn’t write it – it was one of those ubiquitous email forwards. I’ve had it tucked away for a couple years and just rediscovered it.

  4. Martina

    ROFL!!!! my fave was #2!!! FUCKING BRILLIANT!!! HAHA!!!

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