Walmart secret memo reveals hiring practices

According to the New York Times, a secret Walmart memo reveals the corporation had numerous plans to hold down expenses by engaging in unfair hiring practices and by trying to reduce employee benefits.
Also, two websites I’ve discovered recently focus entirely on Walmart news, and both have rss feeds. Visit Walmart Watch for reference materials and activism, or get the latest news from The Writing on the Wal blog.

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  1. Nuvolab

    Ooh! I saw the NYT article. I highly recommend checking out the “MAO-MART: Always outsourced to Communist Slave labor. Always.” campaign by
    Yes, they’re selling merchandise, but I suppose anyone with a bit of creativity could make their own MAO-MART items.

  2. Julia Cummings

    I have applied at Walmart a few times. They always hire people that look skany and are rude, etc., But, I cannot get a call fromthem. I guess if you are neat, intelligent and have a personality, Walmart doesn’t want you. I also wrote them a letter about this, but, like the application….no reply so far. I gave up. I really don’t want to work for a company that the employees look and act like they do at the Walmarts around here. But, Walmart has America in its back pocket. It can pretty much get by with it…unless people quit patronizing them. I and several of my friends have doen exactly that. I actually obtained employment at a “normal” store, so, no worries….:)

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