Walmart Vs. Target

Rob at does a price comparison of numerous items at Walmart and Target. His conclusion — Walmart is slightly cheaper, but not by much. For the same 20 items, he spent $115.51 at Walmart, and $120.40 at Target, with Target being cheaper on 6 items.

And he isn’t factoring in the fact that Walmart is destroying America. Aside from killing independently owned mom and pop stores, Walmart is the single largest employer of people who qualify for welfare and other goverment support, because the company doesn’t pay adequate healthcare benefits, and they keep people under a certain number of hours to keep benefits down. On top of that, they ACTIVELY encourage their employees to seek out goverment welfare benefits by employing an advisor that helps their employees apply for those benefits. So if you’re paying too much in taxes, you have Walmart to blame.

And even more than that, they consistently keep women in lower paying positions in the company.

And when it comes to real estate, Walmart has a build-and-abandon policy of opening stores, closing them down, and then opening much larger stores in the same area, while refusing to sell the dead stores real estate.

Walmart advertises that all their products are made in America, and they even use an American flag in their advertising. But if you check it out, that’s not true. In fact, they buy $15 billion dollars worth of goods from China every year.

In all, I’d rather spend an extra $5 at Target and sleep better at night.

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  1. Lydia

    I dont understand why all these people hate Wal-Mart? They end up shopping there anyways. Obviously they do, if they are a multi-billion dollar company, someone has to be buying the merchandise. Some people need to grpw, get a life and find some one else to hate.

  2. Steph Mineart

    We don’t like Walmart because of their unfair labor practices. No, I don’t “shop there anyway” unless I absolutely have to. And it’s not about “Growing up and finding someone new to hate” it’s about expecting big businesses to engage in ethical business practices.
    The fact that they don’t pay their employees a living wage, and they have a management person who’s job it is to teach their employees how to apply for the public assistance from the goverment is what gets me. Walmart cost the American taxpapers 1.5 billion dollars in 2004, despite being a 286 billion dollar business.
    Read about it here:
    They also descriminate against women and minorities, and have been sued repeatedly by their employees. Read about it here:
    Walmart also has shoddy real estate practices. They buy up huge tracts of land just to open stores they know won’t perform. Then they close the stores, but refuse to sell the land, claiming they don’t sell to competitors. The result is lots of empty boxes, 390 of them at a recent count, that occupy prime real estate, but bring down the value of many small town shopping districts, and eventually tank small town economies. Read about that here:

  3. Maureen

    I hate Wal-Mart and never ever ever shop there for all the reasons already mentioned. My question….is Target any better?

  4. Heather

    I would like to add to this page even though I see that it hasn’t been commented on in some while. I grew up in a small town and saw Wal-Mart take it over. All the small business went under then even many of the grocery stores dissappeared. This resulted in many people losing their jobs and with there not being many jobs in a small town these people went to work for Wal-Mart. They recieved a smaller wage and many had to turn to government assistance. Because of this I have vowed to NEVER shop at Wal-Mart again. The only reason it is thriving is due to people being uniformed of the evil Wal-Mart truely is.
    Now to the question is Target any different?? I would say yes. Target gives to the community more than any other company of its kind. There is community service, donations to charities and schools, and a friendly and wage competitve work environment for their employees.
    So hands down Target is better than Wal-Mart any day.

  5. Brent

    why does everyone hate Wal-mart so much and praise Target? Are they really that different? Target is just as responsible for putting small businesses away as Wal-mart is.

  6. Vanessa L Williams

    If you’ve ever worked for a company that does business with Wal-mart and Target, then you’d know that there is a difference. Target is a reasonable customer who treats their vendors in a way that’s respectful and enables them to be profitable. Wal-mart gouges and gouges and gouges. They force their vendors to sell them subpar versions of their regular products at ridiculously low prices.

    At one vendor where I worked, the company invested in a new production line and hired new workers to accommodate the new Wal-mart business. A few months later Wal-mart switched the business to a vendor who offered a lower price. My company had to lay off those workers and was left paying for extra capacity they didn’t need.
    When Burlington Motor Carriers filed for bankruptcy reorganization, Walmart gave us 24 hours to get our trailers out of their drop yards. Burlington had had a relationship with Walmart for years. They didn’t care. It was “get your trailers and get the hell out”.

  7. steve neal

    Working for a top vendor in the midwest, I get to see the true wal mart way. I slowly quit shopping at wm over the last 6yrs. The back door policy, wal mart trains its upcoming managers and dsd receivers to hate, not to trust, and humiliate the CUSTOMERS yea we were customers at one time to. we are forced to stand outside in all weather conditions for hours at a time to take our cut to the bone product in the retail golliath. u may be saying set in ur vehicle if ur cold. wal mart says no truck is to be left running on thier lot no matter the temp. or surcamstance. so 3 hrs later when u leaving cold wet with pneumonia and arriving at your next mom and pop grocery store 3 hrs late with thier product, on a salary not hourly wage who really won the out of stock customer waiting on thier product or the cold tired sick truck driver who just lost money for 3 hrs to get an integrity speech from a wm manager to remind us how worthless we were because thier product boxed were wet. from standing outside while being watched through the window and laughed at under the 1 vendor at a time policy. so we all bought rainsuits and deal with being treated like a convict 6 days a week so we can get on down the road to our customers who appriciate our service.WHERE IS DAVID WHEN WE NEED HIM.

  8. Sam

    Sure it’s a $5 dollar difference on what you bought but if you look at it from a person who cant afford that $5 extra dollars its a big difference, in today’s economy $5 is a big deal. I know plenty of people who do not want to shop at wal-mart but have no other choice. Everyone else is too expensive even if only by a bit its still more than most people can afford to spend.

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