Stuff I haven’t blogged about

I realized that for some reason, there are always major things going on in my life that I for one reason or another fail to mention in my weblog. Why? Hmmm. Major things:
1) I’ve been buying lots ($$$$) of things on eBay. What? Not telling; don’t want to encourage people to bid against me. But I have a kick ass collection. Someday you’ll all see it. I love eBay. eBay rocks. Here’s some eBay purchases I can tell you about….

Because I love board games, and my all time favorite game is Clue, I bought the Clue Master Detective board game. That’s the game with a bigger mansion and extra characters — It’s rare and it kicks ass. I also bought the snooty British version, called Cluedo Super Sleuth, which is even more rare, has a totally different bigger mansion than regular British Clue, and also extra characters, including the dog. But he’s never the one that did it, instead, he helps solve the crime. No, I’m not kidding. The dog. That’s so cool. The only think cooler would be if there was a monkey, and he solved the crime. ‘Cause monkeys are cool. (Now I realize that eBay has been around for years, and raving about now it is probably totally lame, but it’s just that it’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford to buy stuff on eBay, since before I was saving for the house.)
2) My friend Jennifer is getting married in Vegas next weekend and we’re going to go. VEGAS BABY!!!!!
3) Dan and Doug just had their 9th Annual (I can hardly believe it!) 70’s Party… Theme: the world of Sid and Marty Krofft. Once again, I failed to dress up, but this time because I was sick. It was pretty kick ass. Dan and Doug rule.
4) I scored major Karma points on plastic by describing my entire gay Barbie collection in a discussion of Mattel censoring a lesbian Barbie movie.
5) Visited my mom on Easter, had fun with my brothers and sisters-in-law. My older brother showed up on his Harley wearing a leather jacket and leather chaps. Yeah, you read that right. Just for the record, I was not the one who made the Village People joke.

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