What advice would you give your twelve-year-old self?

Here’s a question courtesy of two sites I read every day, slash dot and also Wil Wheaton: What advice would you give your twelve-year-old self?
1. Take more computer science classes.
2. You already know this, Steph, but it’s perfectly okay to have a crush on that girl Jamie down the street. What you don’t know is that she might also have a crush on you.
3. You’re not at all fat — don’t listen to what your brothers are saying.
4. Take an I.Q. test — you’ll be astonished at how smart you really are.
5. Those tennis shoes and jeans your classmates are teasing you about wearing will come into style years from now as “geek chic.”
6. If anyone threatens to hit you, hit them first. Really hard.
7. Follow your instincts — if they tell you not to do something, DON’T DO IT.
8. Stock Market: Microsoft.

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