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My Board Games

I love board games, and have 100+ different games in my collection. So far. General Games Adverteasing – The Game of Slogans, Commercials and Jingles Aggravation Apples to Apples (with expansion packs one and two) Backgammon Bazaar – A trading game Bethumpt’d With Words (with Voyager expansion pack) Bingo Carcassone (with Inns & Cathedrals and

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Stuff I haven’t blogged about

I realized that for some reason, there are always major things going on in my life that I for one reason or another fail to mention in my weblog. Why? Hmmm. Major things: 1) I’ve been buying lots ($$$$) of things on eBay. What? Not telling; don’t want to encourage people to bid against me.

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