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I love board games and other games like 겜블시티 슬롯, and have 100+ different games in my collection. So far.

General Games

Adverteasing – The Game of Slogans, Commercials and Jingles
Apples to Apples (with expansion packs one and two)
Bazaar – A trading game
Bethumpt’d With Words (with Voyager expansion pack)
Carcassone (with Inns & Cathedrals and King and Scout expansion packs)
Card Caper
Catch Phrase – electronic version
Catchpenny – Monopoly-like game set in 1800’s
Channel Surfing – The Game That Will Change The Way You Watch TV
Defiance – The Battle of Xuan Loc
Deluxe Monopoly
Deluxe O’no 99
Deluxe Scrabble
Earth Game – A Cooperative Game About Saving Planet Earth
Easy Money
Fact or Crap
Frederick The Great – The Campaign of the Soldier King 1756-1759
Green Eggs and Ham
Hugger Mugger
I.D. – 1980’s game cimiliar to “Celebrities”
Lizzy McGuire – What Would Lizzie Do?
Loaded Questions (with booster pack)
Malarky (similar to Balderdash)
Monopoly – fake “Carmel” version
Pictionary Party Version
Proclaim – The Thoughtfully Ambiguous Word Association Game
Ripley’s Believe It or Not
Risk – Wooden Box Retro Edition
Rubik’s Checkers Challenge
Scrabble – Deluxe Edition
Scrutineyes – The Game of Closer Looks
Settlers of Catan
Stratego – Wooden Box Retro Edition
Telling Lies
The Newlywed Game
Think Alike – The Game Where Two Heads Are Better Than One
Twister – Wooden Box Retro Edition
Where in the USA is Carmen San Diego?
You Just Became a Millionaire
Zobmondo – The Crazy “Would You Rather” Game

Trivia Games

Clever Endeavor
Bet I Know – Where it Pays to Know It All
In Pursuit
Movie Mania – A Game of Famous Quotes and Questions
Proverbial Wisdom – The Exciting Game of Proverbial Fun
Super Quiz II
Teams of Enemies
Time Magazine – the Game
Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition
Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture Edition
Trivial Pursuit Genus One
Trivial Pursuit Know It All Edition
Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen
Trivial Pursuit The 1960s

Card Games

Free Parking
German Card Game
Milles Bornes
Mystery Rummy – Al Capone
Mystery Rummy – Jack the Ripper
Mystery Rummy – Jeckle & Hyde
Mystery Rummy – Murders at the Rue Morgue
Pit deluxe
Spite and Malice
Squadron Scramble
What Happened Here?
Who Stole Ed’s Pants?
You Just Became a Millionaire

Mystery Games

I’m a huge, fanatical fan of Clue, so I have a bunch of different versions of the game, as well as lots of ancillary stuff. I’ve also been collecting knock-offs and copy-cat games like it.

Mystery of the Abbey – This game kicks ass! It’s like a very elaborate game of Clue set in a monastery, based on The Name of the Rose. There are 24 suspects, each with 6 different characteristics. Wicked complicated.

1313 Dead End Drive
221B Baker Street
Alfred Hitchcock’s “Why”
Alfred Hitchcock’s The Unexplained
Black Spy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Clue 1989
Clue 1996
Clue 2003
Clue Alfred Hitchcock (Characters from Hitchcock movies, rooms are sets)
Clue Card Game (Suspects, Vehicles, Destinations)
Clue FX/Digital Clue
Clue Junior
Clue Master Detective (1989 Version, with more rooms and weapons)
Clue Mystery Puzzle
Clue Simpsons
Clue Wooden Retro 1949 Edition
Clue the Great Museum Caper
Cluedo Super Sleuth (British Version of Clue, more characters)
Crack the Case
Scotland Yard (Incomplete)
Simply Suspects

Cheap Ass Games

See the website! Cheapass Games come with the bare essentials: boards, cards, and rulebooks. If you need anything else, they tell you, and it’s probably something you can scrounge from a game you already own, or can buy at a hobby store. For these games, I bought one standard set of pawns, color markers, timer and dice that many of the games.

Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Exibition
Escape from Elba
Get Out
Kill Dr. Lucky
One False Step For Mankind
Save Dr. Lucky
Save Dr. Lucky on Moon Base Copernicus
The Great Brain Robbery
U.S. Patent Number 1
Witch Trial


Lost in a Jigsaw Maze Puzzle

Vintage Game Boards

Uncle Wiggly
Clue Board
Davy Crockett

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Stuff I haven’t blogged about

I realized that for some reason, there are always major things going on in my life that I for one reason or another fail to mention in my weblog. Why? Hmmm. Major things:
1) I’ve been buying lots ($$$$) of things on eBay. What? Not telling; don’t want to encourage people to bid against me. But I have a kick ass collection. Someday you’ll all see it. I love eBay. eBay rocks. Here’s some eBay purchases I can tell you about….

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