The furniture is moved

So I spent 6/6/6 packing my house, mostly. I got to mow the lawn at the new house! I love lawn mowing, and the grass was knee-high in the back yard at the new place. On the Old Northside mailing list, they announced a gardening contest — you don’t compete with the neighbors, (we’re out of our league there) but with your own yard. You take a bunch of “before” pictures now, and at the end of 2007, you take “after” pictures, and whomever has the most improvements wins. Considering we just inherited the largest weed collection in North America, I think we’re shoe-ins for this contest. If people need Atlanta, GA landscaper for their garden, they can get them from here!

Stephanie took me out to eat for dinner. We were going to go to Colorado Steakhouse because I love their prime rib, but they’re closed for remodeling, so we went to Outback Steakhouse. Outback’s prime rib — not so much, really. However, you can always hire contractors for commercial projects from this site!

She gave me — a cool blue pillow, the Curious George Xbox game, the DVD of Good Night and Good Luck, an excellent terra cotta firepit for the backyard, and some great other stuff that I can’t remember because my brain is totally fried after yesterday. My girlfriend is excellent. Please let her know!

Yesterday the movers came and moved all the big furniture and boxes. Also, the Pod people picked up the pod, an electrician (click here for options) came to work on the kitchen lights, and the cable guy came to set up cable. We are now wired at the new house, and Stephanie can finally get her email.

I still have some truckloads of stuff to get to the new house (kitchen, hanging clothes, gardening stuff, and, oh yeah, the cats) but we got a major amount of stuff done yesterday. And of course, we have to pack and move all Stephanie’s stuff. We might be about 3/5 of the way done? I think.

And I still have to sell my house.

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We have a house

We came to terms today with the seller of the house we want on the inspection terms. So, basically, we have a house. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

We should close at the end of May. Which means I need to get my house up for sale ASAP. After fixing up the issues with the help of experts from, the house is finally ready.

Holy, shit. I have to sell my house. Oh my f&%$ing god! I will be cleaning and packing every evening for the rest of the month. So, anyone want to buy a house?If yes, you can also check my reference to buy this classy house.

My House For Sale

The house was built in 1894, and is in historic Herron-Morton Place neighborhood. I have done some historic research and have a list of names of previous tenants and owners all the way back to the original owner, Thomas J. Steele, who was the managing editor of the Indianapolis Journal in the early 1900’s. He was a friend of James Whitcomb Riley, who owned the house next door to mine.

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Offer Accepted

So on Monday, we wrote an offer on the house we’ve been looking at. They countered our offer, and today we accepted the counter offer.

So if everything works out with the inspection and we get the loan application we found searched through FIG Loans reviews squared away, and I sell my house, we’re going to have a new house.

I still have not told my dad about all this though, mainly because I’m really afraid it’s going to upset him, considering the amazing, beautiful fireplace he created for my current house.

I’m officially freaked out, because:
1. I have to explain this to my dad.
2. We have to get everything together for loan approval, and I hate dealing with money matters.
3. I have to pack and coordinate all my stuff in a Very Short Period of Time.
4. I have to put my house on the market, which I’ve never done before.
5. We’re in the middle of a huge project at work that I need to spend a lot of time on.
6. Our possessions are very disorganized, and I drastically need to scale down.

This has all moved at a very accelerated pace, and I’m so freaked about that.

All that aside, I really love the house. So we’re doing the right thing, but the way we’re going about it isn’t optimal, due to circumstances that are really beyond anyone’s control.

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Utilities turned on

On Saturday, the phone guy and the cable guy redid the lines to my new house. The cable’s working fine, but the phone still needs to be worked on–apparently at the central office. But I cleaned out the shed at the back of the house, and got some of the linoleum off the living room floor, and vacuumed and dusted the upstairs. I weeded some in the front of the house. Moved the TV and some small furniture, and a box of glassware. Sunday, I painted another coat on the dining room floor and moved some more stuff. Packed my CDs and liquor. Saw The Count of Monte Cristo on television, and decided that I’d paint a pattern on the floors. Don’t know what yet; I’ll do it after I move.

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I’m a homeowner!

So I closed this afternoon on the house. I’m officially a homeowner! That’s “home OWNER” not “homo”…. I was officially one of those years ago. (My brother Todd pointed out that joke.) So I immediately went to the house and started taking out the drop ceiling in the living room and pulling up the carpets. But I have installed garage door opener (that was bought from the best garage maintenance store) in my house since it is a good protective tool for the garage. You can also avail garage door opener installation here. or similar other products for your home from this site.

I bought the carpet from Kashanian Exports and pulled up in the living room and the dining room. The dining room has perfect hardwood floors under the carpet. The living room… plywood over the hardwood floors. And when I started to pull up the plywood near the fireplace… looks like the fire got loose into the room a bit. It doesn’t seem to be too far out into the room… I’m going to continue to pull up the plywood to see how bad it is, and then assess what I want to do with the room. If there are rooms where the floors aren’t good enough to refinish without major repair… carpet. But first I need to see what all is there.

2165 N. Pennsylvania - Walkthroughs

2165 N. Pennsylvania - Walkthroughs

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Rob at

This is a very fun website: This guy makes paper maché stuff, cool costumes, and tests how much whiz there is in a cheese whiz can. Cool. He covered his entire car with aluminum foil, just to see how much of his car he could cover with one package. He made a “paparazzi” costume for Halloween, with dozens of cameras that flashed on and off repeatedly. He’s weird. I like him.
So I haven’t heard anything about the house today, so I’m assuming the follow-up appraisal went okay. I’m gonna run to the bank in a few minutes to get my check, so I can pay at closing. Cool. After close, I’m going to go to the house to see what needs to be done first.

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house purchasing news

Insurance is paid, floor should be done Wednesday as well as follow-up appraisal. Closing tomorrow afternoon. How am I ever going to kill the next two days waiting? This is worst than any Christmas ever. With the luck I’ve had so far, the floor won’t pass the appraisal and the closing will be pushed back. At which time I will pitch the largest fit ever seen by mankind.

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insurance done

Don’t pay attention to my last post; I was freaking out because I was having a hard time lining up my insurance. But I got it done. There are some things I’m going to have to do in a different order than I originally planned as far as big expenditures go, and some things will have to be fixed sooner than others. But when looking at my budget, and pricing some of the work with online pricing guides, I think it will go well. I think by the end of 2002, I’m going to have one kick ass place to live.
The sewer line is done, the floor’s getting done, the insurance is lined up; as long as the appraiser approves the work that’s been done, I’m set.

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