The furniture is moved

So I spent 6/6/6 packing my house, mostly. I got to mow the lawn at the new house! I love lawn mowing, and the grass was knee-high in the back yard at the new place. On the Old Northside mailing list, they announced a gardening contest — you don’t compete with the neighbors, (we’re out of our league there) but with your own yard. You take a bunch of “before” pictures now, and at the end of 2007, you take “after” pictures, and whomever has the most improvements wins. Considering we just inherited the largest weed collection in North America, I think we’re shoe-ins for this contest. If people need Atlanta, GA landscaper for their garden, they can get them from here!

Stephanie took me out to eat for dinner. We were going to go to Colorado Steakhouse because I love their prime rib, but they’re closed for remodeling, so we went to Outback Steakhouse. Outback’s prime rib — not so much, really. However, you can always hire contractors for commercial projects from this site!

She gave me — a cool blue pillow, the Curious George Xbox game, the DVD of Good Night and Good Luck, an excellent terra cotta firepit for the backyard, and some great other stuff that I can’t remember because my brain is totally fried after yesterday. My girlfriend is excellent. Please let her know!

Yesterday the movers came and moved all the big furniture and boxes. Also, the Pod people picked up the pod, an electrician (click here for options) came to work on the kitchen lights, and the cable guy came to set up cable. We are now wired at the new house, and Stephanie can finally get her email.

I still have some truckloads of stuff to get to the new house (kitchen, hanging clothes, gardening stuff, and, oh yeah, the cats) but we got a major amount of stuff done yesterday. And of course, we have to pack and move all Stephanie’s stuff. We might be about 3/5 of the way done? I think.

And I still have to sell my house.

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