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I have Movable Type up and running on my site, and this blog you see is in it now. However, I’m still working on moving my old blog posts from Blogger into Movable type, and I’m only about half done. The difficulty is with Blogger, not with the new content management system. Within Blogger, I can only export 999 posts at a time, which is not all of my posts by a long shot. That’s why if you look at my journal page it appears that my blog only goes back to 2003; that’s only the most recent 999 posts. And within Blogger, to get at those other earlier posts to export then, I have to delete the recent 999 one by one.

The other thing that kinda bites is that I lose all the comments made on posts in the past, because Blogger can’t export them. So I need you all to go back through my blog and write the same comments that you wrote before. 🙂 Heh.

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  1. Steph Mineart

    I’ve finally pulled in all my old journal entries. I have to go through each and chuck them into categories and clean them up, but they’re here, anyway. Sigh. It’s taken a long time.

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