Weekend Update/eBay Listings

Friday night: picked Stephanie up from Tune Tech after work because the clutch on the Honda is having problems again. Fortunately, it appears to be under warranty. With Phoebe’s battery dead, we’re down to one vehicle – the trusty truck.
Saturday: Spent the morning helping with neighborhood cleanup by driving the truck up and down the alleys picking up branches and trash and hauling to the designated area for wood chipping and disposal. Then sped up to Bonge’s Tavern to meet the family for dinner, since Dad’s getting ready to head out to Payson. Stopped by his house, which is now Todd and Denise’s house. Then sped back downtown to pick up presents for our friend Lori’s birthday party, then sped down to Southport for said party, where we had a blast and stayed until 1:30 a.m.
Sunday: I got up and puttered around the house cleaning while letting Stephanie sleep in because we were out so late. At 11, we went back out and helped finish up the tree branch gathering for wood chipping. Went to Elbow Room for lunch, then came home.
To continue the ongoing decluttering efforts, I decided I’d try to finally get finished the stuff I promised mom I’d do four years ago and sell the rest of her vintage Avon collectable bottles on eBay. (The 200+ bottles I’ve been carting around since then.) I photographed and put together 5 different lots of Avon for sale and posted them, which took about 5 hours to do, although while posting the actual items, we watched
Lot of vintage Avon Bath Toys (Disney/Peanuts)
Lot of vintage Avon Kids Soap Sets & Soap on a Rope
Lot of vintage Avon Bottles Guns & Western
Lot of 13 vintage Avon Bottles Cars/Vehicles
Lot of 9 vintage Avon Bottles Cars/Vehicles

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