Weekend Update 2007-09-17

We managed to get a lot done on Sunday to the house. We spent the morning sorting through some of the garage sale pile. Our friend Jen came by with baby Sam to help us sort some clothes in the early afternoon. Later we hung a bunch of pictures that we just haven’t gotten to yet, and in the evening I sorted lots of our tools in the basement. We don’t really need to get rid of any of those; they’re all useful items that I bought for my old house or that Stephanie’s dad has given her, and we have plenty of storage for them. We just need them to not all be in a jumbled pile when we need to find them for use.
I think we have plenty of stuff together for the yard sale. That’s not to say we have the house organized; there’s still tons to do. We’re maybe 25% done. But I’m excited by how much stuff we’ve pulled together.

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  1. mike

    you can never have too many tools, but if you put them out at the yard sale, they’d go like hotcakes.

  2. Steph Mineart

    I’m thinking we might have a yard sale again in the spring, because we’ll definitely have another round of sorting and organizing done by then.
    If so, then it’s possible some tools will go into that round. I know that we have some duplicate tools, and since her dad has purchased good quality and mine were kinda on the cheap end, we have some we can get rid of. But I don’t know if we’ll have the room to insert them at this point.

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