I give up. I’ll go to the doctor

Sunday morning, I woke up with a stiff neck. I assumed I slept wrong, although this rarely happens as I have some really comfortable pillows. Monday morning my neck was worse, and the pain spread down to my shoulders and back. I had a terrible time concentrating, and I felt achy all over. Tuesday, I had a terrible headache with the stiff neck, and considered not going to work. I was also having shortness of breath. Wednesday, the shortness of breath turned into a feeling of my lungs burning. I took my temperature, but I didn’t have a fever; it was 97.4 degrees. My headache was gone, but my back and shoulders ached even more, and the pain was all the way down my spine. I felt like I had been beaten with a baseball bat.
I made an appointment with the doctor for Thursday morning, but when I woke up the burning in my lungs was gone, (although I still had shortness of breath) so I canceled it and went to work, because I had to check some changes into our company’s intranet, and I didn’t want to put that off on anyone else.
This morning the pain in my back and whole body is still there. I still have the shortness of breath. I just took my temperature, and it’s 100 degrees. I still can’t concentrate, and all of my lymph nodes are swollen. I give up — I’ll go to the doctor.

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  1. Gary Welsh

    Take care of yourself–your symptoms are similar to those for meningitis. Don’t take any chances. Hope you get to feeling better

  2. Steph Mineart

    According to the doctor, I have pleurisy, which she can tell by listening to my lungs. That’s usually caused by some sort of viral infection, which is probably also causing my other symptoms as well. She prescribed bed rest, fluids and ibuprophen.

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