Weekend Update 2005-06-13

Stephanie and I went to Valparaiso for the weekend to attend her 15 year class reunion. As a couple. The only gay couple there. It was like a mini pride celebration all by itself (since we missed the big event downtown). We even slow danced together during the evening. Very fun. No one seemed to have much of an issue. It was cute that several of her class mates asked how we met, went through the list of the gay people they know, and asked how to find other gay people to set up their single gay friends.
One of the interesting things is that one of Stephanie’s fellow graduates of Chesterton High School class of 1990 is Nick Smith, the Press Secretary for Bill Frist. Stephanie would not allow me to cause a scene. But I so wanted to. (I have his e-mail address!!! I’m thinking of selling it.)
We got back yesterday afternoon and still face a monsterous number of tasks. Stephanie’s refrigerator went out last week, and we have to buy a new one. But this evening we’re going to the Bosma protest, and we also have to schedule stuff around her surgery. So we’re both a bit frazzled right now.

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