Weekend Update 2010-08-23

We spent a good chunk of Saturday at my mom’s helping her clean out her garage and get rid of stuff that needed to go to heavy trash. I’m pretty happy at what we were able to accomplish there. It seems much easier to help other people organize their stuff for some reason than it does for the stuff at our house.

Sunday we went to the last day of the Indiana State Fair and rode rides on the midway, then attended the Demolition Derby. I haven’t seen a crash-em up derby since I was a kid; I think we went to one near my grandparents house in Iowa. That was pretty entertaining although not exactly environmentally sound. The crowd was definitely red-state – there wasn’t any overtly political talk from the hosts “onstage” but there was long and heart-felt salute to the troops and extended discussion of the wonders of Wal-Mart.

I’ll have to see how my photos of the event came out; I missed the huge flaming fireball when one of the cars caught fire, but I think I have decent photos of the firemen putting it out. I took some fun photos of the food booths, but skipped the fried balls of death therein.

Deep Fried

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  1. Wil

    I have to ask: is that photo for real? Do they really “deep-fry” Pepsi, Oreo’s and candy? Just the thought of that made me throw-up a bit in my mouth. Maybe they could deep-fry that too. Wil

  2. HFM

    Oh, yeah, that’s for real. They deep fry everything. The pepsi is just pepsi poured in batter and fried. The next booth over offered their newest concoction – deep fried BUTTER. And another nearby booth – donut burgers from Krispy Kreme, which is exactly what it sounds like; a burger with two donuts as buns.

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