June Photos — Stephanie gets a hair cut!

[edit needed: update photos]

I adore her new hair cut. I think it looks amazing. She’s still getting used to it. She donated her long hair to Locks of Love.

[correct link/photos/2005/06.30_june/index.html] Check out my other photos to see my neighbor’s yard sign — the one about Patrice Abduallah, our City-county council representative, who’s not available to speak to his constituents about the Human Rights Ordinance, and who failed to show up to a mandatory Democratic meeting called by Julia Carson.

And then there’s my Day 3 shirt —

[edit needed: update photos]

Again, the sleeves are too long, and it’s looking pretty faded and worn. Probably time to go in the discard pile, although I love the Easter Island heads.

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  1. Jaq

    Have you thought about making something out of the ones you really hate to get rid of? I’m not sure what – maybe pillows? I’ve got a couple with great designs that I don’t want to get rid of, but never wear.

  2. lisa

    i have a pattern for making underwear out of a t-shirt, if something like that interests you, also.

  3. lisa

    they are on the way!

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