Weekend Update 2004-07-19

This weekend, I did a ton of work on my Dad’s website, and because of that we had to skip the Fever game on Friday. Saturday I worked on the site more.
Saturday night, Stephanie and I went to Dan and Doug’s 70’s party, which was really fun. We dressed as random hippies, because the theme was “come as your favorite 70’s TV icon.” Dan was a M.A.S.H. character, Doug was from Starsky and Hutch, Troy came as Kojak. Jon was the streaker from the 1976 Superbowl (he wasn’t nude; he had jogging shorts and a 1977 pro-streaking shirt), Kris was Ellie-May Clampett. There were lots of others, those are what I remember off the top of my head.
Sunday I went to Bloomington with Stephanie and watched the Bloomington Feminist Singers sing for the Unitarian Universalist Church service, which was really beautiful. They sing wonderfully. I was also overwhelmed by the service; having really only experienced Catholic and Episcopal services, this was very different for me and much more interesting than any service I’d been to before.
We also caught up on Big Brother and The Amazing Race on Sunday afternoon, and I spent some time reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, for my book club on Wednesday. I finished it up last night. Bad idea, as it gave me the willies, and I walked around double-checking that my doors were locked.

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