Labor Day Weekend Update

So on Friday it rained, so a couple of us from work spent our last summer hours Friday at Union Jacks, drinking. Otherwise I would have mowed the lawn.
Later Stephanie and I went to Target and ate out at Colorado Steakhouse because we had zoo book coupons. I had a really great prime rib there, and the Caesar salad was awesome, too. I like my Caesars to have a lot of the anchovy flavor and lots of cheese, and this had both. The steak was a great cut of meat; thick and juicy even though I had it done medium-well. They had a mild horseradish sauce for dipping that really enhanced the flavor. The complimentary bread there is a very sweet biscuit, and it, too was addictive. Not quite like a Red Lobster cheese biscuit, but close. I’ve had uneven luck eating out at some chain steak house restaurants. At both Lone Star and Texas Roadhouse, I’ve had a really great steak on one visit, and on the next a very tough, stringy or unflavorful mess when ordering the same cut. We’ll see on my next visit to Colorado Steakhouse whether they can duplicate the amazing prime rib.
On Saturday, Stephanie and I ran a ton of errands all day that including dropping off several large pieces of furniture at the Salvation Army and paying bills. On Sunday, we washed my truck and her Honda, dropped off some recycling, and went to see The Notebook at the cinema grill for Stephanie’s friend Aleata’s birthday. It was a nice Hallmark-greeting type movie. Stephanie cried, and then I cried because she did. 🙂
On Monday, we drove up to Ikea in Schaumberg, Illinois. It was basically a day-long adventure, and we both ended up with lots of stuff. Apparently, it was “Everyone go to Ikea on Labor Day” day, because the enormous parking lot was completely full and the place was PACKED. Not just busy, but “crowded gay bar, spill a drink on yourself trying to squeeze through the crowd” type packed. Only not with gay people but also with heterosexual people with strollers and the small children that come with them.
If you know me very well, you know I have serious phobia of crowds. I’m not too concerned about small spaces, but I avoid lke the plague any situation where I’m required to sit/stand closer to people than regular personal space requires. Conseco Fieldhouse doesn’t seem to bother me much, but I can’t go to Deer Creek Music Center (I know I’m supposed to call it by the newer corporate name, but I don’t always remember it) the Hoosier Dome (ditto on the name) or that Indianapolis staple, The Indy 500. That’s the reason why I don’t see many concerts and don’t bother to see who’s coming to town for what show.
I was in full-on panic attack mode all day at Ikea. I couldn’t think; I couldn’t focus on the merchandise because I was so overwhelmed by the people. And the place was loud, too. Everything echoed, so babies crying and people discussing seemed to be at double volume. My heart was racing and I kept feeling dizzy like I was going to pass out. And yet, the prices on stuff were so good, and we had driven so far to get there, that I wasn’t about to leave.
Stephanie had a rug and a chair picked out that she really wanted. I wanted to look at something that would work for a china cabinet, and a TV/multimedia cabinet that would work well when I (someday) get a larger-screen TV. I also wanted to look at curtains. I ended up getting the curtains, but didn’t see anything that would work for the other two items. Stephanie got her chair and rug, and I got a couple of rugs and other assorted cool stuff as well. In all, it was a successful trip, but I think if we go again, it should be on a weekday when most people are at work. That would be pretty cool.

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