Weekend Update 2004-07-12

I didn’t get a change to blog about the July 4th weekend, because I was so busy last week working on the Brady Games website. It seems to be up and running well.
Most of the weekend we did stuff around Stephanie’s house; just summer cleaning and organizing. We did go to David and Garrett’s house and enjoyed the Low-Country Boil, and then went to Massachusetts Ave. to watch the fireworks. I have photos; I’ll try to get them up soon.
This weekend, we went to the monthly lesbian pitch-in at Mia and Ria’s house, which was especially fun because Julie brought her Republican friend to the pitch-in. I don’t think the woman knew what hit her when we started to talk politics. It’s nice to know how well-informed other women are about current issues.
Saturday, Stephanie had a skating exhibition to skate in, and I spent time working on my dad’s website. In the evening, we caught up on Big Brother and the Amazing Race, which we hadn’t seen during the week.
Sunday I spent the morning digging out fence posts and working outside, while Stephanie was at a chorus event. And then we went to a Fever game, which we lost. Sad.

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