Weekend Update 2004-06-03

On Friday night I grocery shopped and spent the evening at home with Spike. Stephanie went north to visit her parents and friends Friday and Saturday, and I worked on my Dad’s site and did some stuff around the house. I got caught up on laundry, finally did all the dishes, and generally organized stuff. I went through lots of my mp3s and worked on metadata, and caught up on my TV watching. Thank god for DVR/TIVO, because I’d never see stuff otherwise.
Sunday Stephanie came home, driving through part of the storm on the way, and we went out to The Oceanaire for dinner. This was, of course, while tornados were moving through the area. We went anyway. Parking was kind of a pain, since it was Sunday night and the mall was closed. We parked in the mall parking, but ended up walking in the rain for a couple blocks.
Dinner was amazing. We had crab cakes as an appetizer, then had Maine Stuffed Flounder as an entree with green beans almondine (it rhymes!) and new potatoes as side dishes. I tacked the potatoes onto the end of our order, and I really didn’t need to, because the entree and other side dish was huge. We ended up taking home enough of the two sides for two more meals. I wish I were better at describing food for you, because all of the food was delicious. The crab cakes melt in your mouth, and the flounder, stuffed with crab, shrimp and brie, was wonderful.
I would highly recommend going to this restaurant. It was a pricy; an appetizer, entree, two sides and two glasses of wine came to around $75. But it was worth it for the exquisite food. Our server, Mark, was great too. He was funny and polite and keep up with what we needed without being annoying. Yeah, Mark! The atmosphere was great, too — the interior is art deco style, and there was classic jazz playing quietly in the background. We had a nice private booth that was intimate without being closed in. A very stylish, pleasant place.
After dinner we had strawberry shortcake at home and then spent the rest of the evening and Monday at my house.
It was a really wonderful weekend.

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