Weekend Update 2004-05-18

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, and this entry was due yesterday.
Friday night I hosted the monthly lesbian pitch-in and had a nice turn out of 19 people. Mary Byrne and Tamara Tracy came to see my house, which was fun. There was some GREAT food. And I got to show off my girlfriend.
Saturday I had lunch with Stephanie’s friends at Bravo. All very nice people. I hope they like me. Then I went to my Mom’s and she and I and my niece went to the Zionsville Country Market. I bought a small birdbath for my front garden, and some cake candles that smell like sugar cookies.
Sunday I had a book club brunch at my house, which was small but very nice. We discussed In the Bleak Midwinter a murder mysterhy by Julia Spencer-Fleming. It was decent but not earth-shattering. Our next books are A Saving Solace by D.S. Bouden and Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay by Nancy Milford. I need to remember to tell Eugenia that we picked that last one. Later on Sunday Stephanie and I took Spike for a walk around the neighborhood, which was relaxing and fun and really enjoyable. It’s so nice to spend time with her, even when we’re just doing simple things.

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