Weekend Update 2004-06-07

I might have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating… I have a truly wonderful girlfriend. Stephanie is amazing and I am such a lucky person to know her and to have her in my life. 🙂
On Thursday, Stephanie and I went to an Indian’s game. Friday I went to her house and she let me organize all of her CDs. She has some kick-ass music. Anyone who has every They Might Be Giants album is truly cool.
Saturday, Stephanie had to drive to Cincinnati for her synchro skating stuff, so I spent the morning working on the yard. I changed the mower blade on my mower and cleaned the air filter, and then mowed the lawn — that made all the difference. I should have changed the blade a long time ago. I also put a border and mulch on one of the flower beds in the back yard so it looks cool. Then I read Entertainment Weekly and rested for the rest of the day, and in the evening Kathy and I went to the Fever game. Afterwards, we picked up some lattice for her deck from the Woodruff Place flea market.
Sunday, I drove the lattice over to Kathy’s and saw the amazing deck she built on the back of her house… all by herself. That’s really cool; more than I would ever attempt to do by myself. She also refinished and hung a door in her house that looked beautiful, too. Sunday afternoon, my friends met me at Imperial City for my birthday lunch and my favorite birthday cake, that Stephanie made for me. Then we went shopping and went to see Harry Potter. It was great… very well done. Then we went home for a bit.
Stephanie and I stopped by to see Dan and Doug for a little while; they had to put Geupel to sleep on Sunday because he had heart problems. He was a wonderful West Highland Terrier and was a joy for 15 years. He will be missed.
Stephanie made me Ziti for dinner, and gave me some kick-ass presents — she gave me Settlers of Catan, and some candles for my living room. And we spent the rest of the evening together. No, I didn’t see the Season Finale of The Sopranos, so don’t tell me how it ends!! I have it on DVR.

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