Weekend Update 2003-10-20

Friday night, I went to Kathy’s softball game and then went to girl’s game night at Outword Bound Bookstore, where we played electronic Scattegories and I bought a couple of CDs.

On Saturday, I got the tonneau cover put on my truck, and took donuts to the neighbors who were planting trees in the right of ways in various places in the neighborhood. I didn’t get back in time from the truck enhancements to really help them much. I guess they planted 27 trees this weekend, which is really cool. Then I ran up to Noblesville to shop and have lunch with my mom. I found some cool tin signs for the laundry room and bath room doors, so that people don’t have to ask which room is which any more.

Saturday night was Amy’s birthday party. We started off at Dan and Doug’s house and went to Talbott Street after that. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad we had a successful night out.

Sunday I was hung over and didn’t do anything except prune back the lilac bush in front of my house. I followed what the arborist said and cut it back to just before the first forks of each branch, but it looks like I scalped the tree. He assured me that it would grow back fine next spring, though, and it would bloom better. I hope he’s right.

I also got to meet Anne, the new owner of the house across the street, and she gave me a tour of the house, which is really pretty. It was really cool, and Anne seems very nice. I’m really excited about her and her husband moving in.

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