I have a new truck

A shiny red Ford Ranger that I bought on Saturday. I love it. I got a very good deal on it from Paul Harvey Ford, especially since my younger brother Todd bought one from there Saturday, too. I was originally just looking, but they had what I wanted, and I needed to trade in my Geo Metro before winter anyway, because it wasn’t reliable enough to get through the season. So I can drive to my grandma’s for Thanksgiving, and take some Big Things road trips, too. You can also look into the website of Affordable heavy truck parts if you are looking for parts for your heavy vehicle. Along, with the heavy vehicle parts, excellent exhaust and intake systems available here as well.

The other thing I bought over the weekend was a new cell phone. My old one was dying and getting the batteries replaced would have cost almost as much as just buying a new phone. So I sprung for it. It has a lot more programming to learn than the truck, actually.

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