Weekend Update 2003-03-17

I pruned and cut back all the dead flowers in the beds from last year, raked the back yard and neighbor’s yard, seeded the backyard, dug up the gravel in what will be the new flower bed on the northwest corner of the house, finished the laundry that will go to goodwill, bought 5 sheets of drywall with my brother Gary and brought them to my house.
Over on the north side of 22nd Street, they pulled a backhoe up and completely demolished a house on Sunday in less than six hours. It was pretty wild. I have photos.
On the less stressful, more pleasant side, Kathy and I took Spike for a walk along the canal Friday night. He loved it. I also have to take some photos of him with his brand new bed. Also, Kathy and I had a great dinner at Ruby Tuesdays Saturday night. And I saw Chicago with my friend Melissa at a Saturday Matinee, which was cool. I’ve been singing the soundtrack ever since.

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