Weekend Update 2003-03-10

I fixed the wall above the window in the living room, and I put smaller sections of drywall on the two walls that Kathy and I started, so I have two walls finished. Now I just have two living room walls left to put drywall on, and the corner surrounding the fireplace, as well. I think I need about two sheets of drywall for that, and perhaps three for the back entry hall… maybe a little more. So if I can get six sheets of drywall, I should have enough for everything. I’ll still need to get wood for the baseboards in the living room… but we’ll see when that rolls around. I don’t have a mitre saw yet, so I can’t do baseboards anyway, yet. I think when April rolls around, I’ll know better how far I’ll be in regards to having the party I want to have. But I think I can do it. I’m feeling better about things, after Sunday getting some stuff done. Tonight I’m going to the gym, and after that, I want to get some more stuff done.

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