Weekend Update 2003-03-03

So this weekend I spent Saturday stripping wallpaper off the walls in the living room, and doing some cleaning in the living room and throughout the house. I finished two walls, have two to go. I felt kind of funny/ill all day, dunno why.
Saturday night Kathy and I went out to the final evening of Utopia, which is now closed. Kim Archer was singing, and Jess Curtis, and others. It was an interesting evening, but I have to say, I didn’t really feel all that sad about the closing. It was a decent club, but I’ve kind of moved on in a lot of ways from going out all the time. And I have to say it was never as much fun as going to the Ten. The crowd at the Ten is just more fun and accessible and doesn’t seem to be made up of people who would blow you off if you spoke to them. The crowd at Talbott Street seems pretty snotty too, come to think of it. Interesting — Talbott Street used to have a website up, but when I searched for it to link to, it’s no longer there. Hmmmm.
Sunday I went shopping for stuff to help organize my house. Then later Kathy came over and we put up two sections of drywall. Then we accidentally bumped the good hammer, and it fell through the hole in the floor down into the crawl space. So Kathy figured out how to fish it out of the hole while I took a break to relax and ummm… de-stress. Then we showered, and she gave me a backrub, and when I fell asleep, she did her laundry and also washed all my dishes, so when I came downstairs, all my dishes were done. Isn’t that the coolest thing? She’s pretty thoughtful.

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