I took Thursday, Friday and Monday off as vacation days. I was at home the whole time, but I didn’t blog anything because I spent most of the time working on stuff around the house. Mostly a bunch of small projects designed to make things more convenient. The shelf in the dining room closet was barely hanging on the wall, and the pole under it to hang hangers and coats on was attached to the shelf by wire coat hangers. Stupid slumlord that used to own my house. Sadly it has been that way for the two and a half years that I owned the house. So I fixed that and the bar in the office closet as well. Just a bunch of small stuff like that.
Also I rehung my flag pole outside my second story window, and bought a new rainbow flag. So there, flag stealers.
I know there’s been a bunch of stuff in the news that I would normally comment on, but I haven’t had time.

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