10:00a.m. – Emerging Social and Technology Trends (SXSWi 2007)

10:00a.m. – Emerging Social and Technology Trends (SXSWi 2007)
Moderator: Laura Moorhead, Sr Editor Culture – Wired
Laura Moorhead Sr Editor Culture, Wired
Andrew Blum Contributing Editor, Wired
Robert Fabricant Exec Creative Dir, Frog Design
Eliot Van Buskirk Columnist/Blogger, Wired News
Peter Rojas Engadget
Daniel Raffel Product Mgr, Yahoo!
Emerging trends panel

Change of plans- went to this panel instead. My rough notes, that I’ll try to make some sense of later.
intersection between social trends and tech –
tech driving social change
involves everyday people, not just techies
understand and think about ourselves
always being connected
content from users changes the focus/flavor of the site
widgets – indy911 – hookah – displays throughout various sites – elminating sense of place.
plazes – register your location
public sharing of personal identity – privacy is not as big an issue…
blurring of private and business –
sharing of data between business and personal…
companies across the board need to agree on standards about how they build and use data that belongs to individuals…
Private networks might be an emerging trend as a backlash to the open sharing – segmentation closed networks.
Personal anxiety is increasing.
Niche interests lead to communities of thousands – but pidgeon-holing leads to silo effect at times.
Interest in outlyer behavior and how it forecast trends.
Danger of allowing individual voices drive business trends because it may not be useful for all users.
Businesses and their relationships with modders and hackers – do they allow it, or stop it – allowing it my attract more users. Might also lead to a greater committment to upgradability- enabling the creation of new and innovative ideas for their products.
Living room video conferencing – cable cards
biotech/medical trends
home automation
— mobile devices will become the dominant trend
— somewhat subversive/open source in areas of political oppression.
higher education –
— ibm and a grading database for New York
— connecting ways students learn through innovative tools – games, play

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  1. stephanie

    Hello from yet another Stephanie 🙂
    I was at SXSW, too, and attended the above panel. In reviewing my notes I tried to find that indy911 hookah widget they mentioned, but haven’t had any luck.
    Have you come across it online?

  2. Steph Mineart

    I haven’t looked for it yet. It’s quite possible I misspelled the name of it, too, so I’m not at all sure what to look for…

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