11:30a.m. – Influence of Art in Design Panel (SXSWi 2007)

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Influence of Art in Design
Moderator: Dan Rubin, Creative Dir – Webgraph Inc (Superfulous Banter)
Dan Rubin, Creative Dir – Webgraph Inc
Patrick Haney – Not a Sausage
Anton Peck, Web Designer – MultiAd Inc
Erik Sagen – Erik Sagen Designs
Glenda Sims, Sr Systems Analyst – UT Austin
Dave Shea – mezzoblue.com

influence of art in design panel

Rough Panel Notes:
Sims – talking about technologies in museums to enhance the experience – without letting the tecnology get in the way of viewing the piece. Art piece based on the skin color of 20 individuals – the interactive piece online allows you to compare your skin tone and submit it – making a personal connection to the art.
Dave Shea – 1826 photo, the first photo ever taken. Sociological impact of photography: suggested that they would replace paintings. 20th century – photograpy accepted as an art form. – two kinds: photos as journalism/ photos as art. Trends: 1970s: snapshot aesthetic. Now – staged with lighting. Demand for fine art photography is still pretty non-existent. Commercial photography is what affects web design the most.
Commercial trends – digital. Costs are going down, so quality is better – digital SLRs. Quality amateur photography is a upswinging trend, because people have access to better tools. – Flickr, istockphoto.
Sagen – Popculture’s influence on design – pop culture can reflect and influence a way of life. Influenced by art and film. Pop art – Jasper Johns & Warhol. Benday screen. Lichetenstein – comics influenced his art.
Another current pop artist – Tom Wilson – Biff from back to the future, uses childhood toys as inspiration to paint. Evokes feelings of nostalgia. Try using movies as sketch pieces for artwork, or visit an art museum.
Peck – Michelangelo quote – I saw the angle in the marble and carved until I set him free. Starting with a digital photo and used photoshop as a medium to create.
Rubin – Music as an influence. Music affects productivity, pace, mood, memories, block distractions. Types of music relates to types of work? Panelists say no. But – look at history of music, and periods of art… they feel like they go together. Impressionists – Debussy, Revel. Pollock – Jazz. Change your music to take you out of your comfort zone. Listen to historical types of music.
Haney – Inspiration screen shots on flickr. notre dame stained glass – theology design influenced by the piece of art. Shea – photography drives color of site. Architecture is also an inspiration. Starry night -gets him in the mood.
Inspirability book – interviews with 40 designers on what gives them ideas.
Which art forms are most inspirational? shea – print media. sagen – illustration. peck – tatoos. Haney – print. Rubin – architecture. Sims – rt you can get inside. Hicks – movie typography, open credits animations.
What is your Dream design project? Sagen – film storyboarding. Haney – designing a house. peck – digital bob ross. Shea – wokring on my own stuff, with technical aspects. Sim – do what google books is doing, only for art. Rubin – furniture design, architecture.

experimental design – how much of web work is? Early web was, but now is more practical.
Drugs – is that cheating? Perhaps just breaking down barriers? Can be done without them. Music – drinking and drugs breaks down stage fright. Figuring out the keys to unlocking that creativity without it.
Music + studies – not specific, but some related to music therapy. Celebrities & playlists.
Silence as an inspiration? – John Cage. Peck – music without a vocal track.
World Cultures – what do you draw from? Peck – all kinds of stuff.

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  1. Erik Sagen

    Steph, thanks for attending the panel!
    I’m loving the fact that some people are taking time to jot down either thorough notes or as you’re doing here, notes in a more crystallized, but informative format.
    Good luck on your upcoming marriage and keep designing and doing what you love best.

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