yard sale – pretty much ready

The signs are all strategically placed around the neighborhood. We’ve got the tables set up, and the items out and priced. We’re not too worried about people stealing stuff in the middle of the night; the porch is pretty enclosed and dark so I doubt people will wander up and take stuff. We have 15 lamps for sale. (I’m including some small lights and a light-up sign in the total.) Yep, we like the lighting. I made one last pass through my books and added some more, so there’s lots of fun stuff in there. There are a couple of last minute boxes I want to go through, but it’s not really necessary, since we have a full porch worth of stuff.
But we’re ready for any early birds.
Remaining to-dos:

  • Bags of ice
  • mow lawn
  • get sodas, water cooler set up
  • take small air conditioner out for sale
  • finish pricing stuff

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