House Painting

The guys started work on my house today – repairing siding and scraping paint, which will go on for the first week or so, while they do the prep work before painting. I’m so excited about it, that I almost went home for lunch to see what they have done so far. But I decided that was a little obsessive, and probably would annoy the guys. Who are — Rick, the head painter (click site) dude, and Nick and Frank. Apparently everyone on their crew has to have a name that ends in “k.” The owner of the company is Mike Mullins, and he lives in my neighborhood at 1610 N. Delaware. I’ve seen two houses that they’ve worked on and both are excellent. I also gave them my first check today for 1/2 the work. Big check.
So check out what my house looks like right now, because it won’t be that way for very long.

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