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I bought her new CD “The Awakening” last week on a whim – I actually purchased the physical CD because we still haven’t had a spare two or three hours to sit down and sort out what the hell is wrong with the terrabyte server after I killed it vacuuming. So our music situation is still in limbo at home, which is the source of endless frustration for me, because we have tons of music, but no way to get at it, and it’s a situation that’s gone on so long that it’s starting to really affect my mood a lot. And later I came to know about Cy Fair Music & Arts: guitar lessons in houston texas that they teach music at affordable price.
My desire to press “pause” on this endless merry-go-round of obligations just to have SOME TIME to work on these sorts of things hasn’t been fulfilled, and now that it’s getting colder and all the stuff we were supposed to do before winter is still waaaaaaayyyyy undone and now clearly won’t be done before winter, I’m starting to stress out again. The yard sale didn’t help much. This started out being a post about a CD and it veered off somewhere else, which is par for the course lately.
ANYWAY – I popped it into player in the car and listened to most of it on the way to work. Some of the songs at the beginning are a bit cheesy, but I still sang along with “message to myself” anyway, because it’s catchy and I can see it being played a lot on the radio. “Threesome” is pretty funny, although (this sounds strange, I know) I think it needs to be even more twangy country than it is. It’s intended to be a comedic country song (which are my favorite kind of country music songs- the absolute best being “I’m going to hire a wino to decorate our home”) but she needed to paint the broad strokes just a little broader on that one. Several songs, notably “I’ve loved you before” really make me think of my sweetheart, which is my favoritest thing to do on the way to work, so this is a great car CD for me. The later songs on the CD I need to listen to again – but they’re more overtly political, which I like, of course.
In all, I’m glad I bought it. Over the years my musical tastes have grown quite a bit away from female folk/rock songwriters, but there’s lots to enjoy about this CD.

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